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Full Version: Head To Head: A Superman & Lois Bios
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Here are my character bios. Only the OC Bios of course.

Name: Jana-Ro
Age: 15
Parents: Tal-Ro and Leslie Rogers
Species: Hybrid (Half Kryptonian/Half Earthling)
Known Family: Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (Maternal Uncle), Lois Lane (Maternal Aunt, Jordan and Jonathan Kent (Cousins), Lara Lor-Van (Grandmother), Zeta-Rho (Paternal Grandfather)

Homeworld: Krypton (Formerly), Argo City (Formerly), Earth (Currently)

  • Solar Energy Absorption: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed
  • Flight: Levitation
  • Heat Vision
  • Cold Breath

  • Red Kryptonite: Changes her personality and makes her aggressive
  • Green Kryptonite: Weakens her and dampens her powers for a short period of time.

Physical Description: Jana is a petite teenage girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is an only child with a slender frame, and she seldom smiles. She dresses very girly and has had very little problem living as a human since she arrived on Earth.

Personality: She is profoundly serious most of the time but learns quickly. She is highly intelligent and very sensible. She can already control her powers and use her powers expertly. She was also trained in martial arts and other fighting styles.

Biography: She was born on Earth to Tal-Rho and Leslie Rogers on May 7, 2006. She was forced to watch her father murder her mother when she was four. A woman named Alura arrived on Earth and took in the young girl. She took Jana to Argo City and raised her there. Jana excelled at her studies and was highly popular among the other children living there. As she grew older, her powers grew in strength and intensity.
When she turned twelve, she met a young boy named Tyler. He had the same sparkling blue eyes and dark blonde hair as Jana. She soon realized why they look so much alike. He is her twin brother. Alura confirmed this by searching through archives from Earth. Their mother did give birth to fraternal twins that day. The two Hybrid children began training in various fighting styles after learning they would need to confront their father for killing their mother very soon.

Shortly after their fifteenth birthday, Jana was sent to Earth first. She landed just outside Blue Valley, Nebraska. She was discovered by Courtney Whitmore and Pat Dugan (Courtney’s stepfather). Jana asks to speak with them privately, so they head back to their home. It is here, Jana explains why she was sent to Earth. She keeps it to herself about her brother, who would follow at a later time if he were needed. Pat then explains that Jana does have family in Smallville, so Jana asks for his help to get there. She knows that is where her father will no doubt go.

Jana then flies to Smallville on her own after saying goodbye to the Dugan/Whitmore clan. She arrives several hours later in the secluded desert just outside Smallville right as her father and uncle were heavily in the heat of battle. She stops her father just as he is about to kill Superman and orders him to back off of him. She is offered to join him but refuses because she isn’t evil like him. Instead, she takes her place next to her uncle and insists he stop his evil actions. Hearing him refuse, she winds up being offered to live with her aunt and uncle as well as her twin cousins.
Nice - certainly gives a bit more context to our RPG!

I’ll look forward to seeing profiles for other characters.