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Full Version: New here and hoping to make some friends
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I just wanted to say hi. I am not very good at writing these things but hoping to make some friends. I am 35 and I like computers, gaming, spending time with family, watching videos on Youtube and watching movies. I don't find it that easy to make friends in real life so hence comming online. In the past I have ran websites, forums and helped moderate at others. I no longer have my sites online though due to them not getting the use I hoped for. If you want to know something about me please feel free to ask and if I feel comfortable I will happily answer. I will close by saying thank you for allowing me to be a member of your community and I look forward to meeting some of you. :-)
Welcome aboard, loves2chat!

I hope you enjoy this place, and you're able to make some friends here :) .
Welcome! What games do you like to play? :)
I like playing all sorts of different games however the ones I enjoy the most are FMV / Interactive movie type games. I really like these types of games since personally I think they add an element of realism and I feel drawn into these types of games. I do enjoy story type games and really enjoy the Life is Strange franchise these games have really made me feel for the characters in a way no other game ever has. I will be honest and admit that they have also made me cry. For a game to get me to do that means it's really good in my opinion.
Welcome to TCH. I promise we’re a good bunch and I hope you enjoy your stay! :D
Welcome to TCH :)
Here's to a nice welcome:
Welcome to the forums, loves2chat.
Hi there :ohai:
Thanks everyone for the nice welcome I really appreciate it and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.  :D
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