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Full Version: The Last Apprentices
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In the present day, the reclusive yet powerful wizard Begowin is training a boy named Kyle as his new apprentice. However, Kyle wasn't his first one: over the course of his 200-year life, Begowin has trained numerous apprentices. Some of these have become well-renowned wizards in their own right - with apprentices Leovan, Wigreth and Davoric all entering the annals of wizarding history for their own magical prowess.

Sadly, around the time of Begowin's 100th birthday, the now-master wizard Davoric turned evil. He defeated and slaughtered both Leovan and Wigreth - and then began to manipulate a colony of fire dragons to wreak havoc on the surrounding towns and villages. Begowin hadn't yet been discovered, as he lived in an isolated mountain home; however, he knew that if Davoric were to find him, then he wouldn't be powerful enough to resist. He'd rather gone off the idea of training apprentices (after what had happened to his previous ones) - but he knew that he had to train one last group, to defeat Davoric once and for all.

In order to join, simply fill out the following form:

Quote:Name: Begowin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 100
Weapons/Powers: Is an elder wizard, who specialises in fire magic. As he has aged, his powers have declined somewhat form his peak; however, he is still regarded as the second most powerful wizard in the land, after only Davoric himself.
Physical description: Is a fairly tall man, with long hair and a beard that are naturally grey (although he uses his magic to make them appear whatever colour he wants). Has a variety of wizard's hats and cloaks - his favourite of which are a satin maroon with silver banding.
Personality: Is quite eccentric, albeit nowhere near as mad as he will become later on in life. Demands a great deal of hard work and dedication from his apprentices - although, he forms strong emotional bonds with those who perform well and meet the standards that he expects of them.

I'll start this either when we have four sign-ups, or in one week (whichever is sooner).

Have fun :) !
Name: Fern
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 86
Weapons/Powers: She is a powerful wizard, her magic can utilize any type of plant around her, and command them to do anything she wants them to do. She can even utilize dead plants, but can bring life to them. 
Physical description: She is a short woman, and people mistake her for being a child, despite being almost 100. She seemingly doesn't age, as she has no wrinkles, and her hair is a beautiful blonde colour. Mostly wears green sweaters and black jeans. 
Personality: Is quiet, tends to keep to herself, however; when pressured, she's a hothead and will snap. Is quite cynical as well.
OOC: Accepted :) ! And, since it's been ages since I posted the thread, I'll start the RPG right now :lol: .

BIC: Begowin swept around the floor of his living room, which he had converted into a makeshift classroom. There were a dozen desks, quills and rolls of parchment laid out, for all twelve of the apprentice magi who had responded to his call to arms. At the front of the room, he had prepared two flasks of thick, odourless liquid: one of them a deep sea blue, and the other a rich forest green.

His lesson should have started ten minutes ago; however, nobody had yet made it to his home. He wondered whether any of his students had had a last-minute change of heart - but he found it more likely that they had simply got lost (after all, his mountain shack wasn't the easiest in the world to find). In any case, it gave him a little bit of extra time to ensure that his house was as tidy as he could make it.

But then, his ears picked out a quiet, timid knocking on the door...

"Come in!" Begowin requested cheerfully.
It was Fern knocking on the door, wondering what Begowin was doing and how he was doing. "Hello, Begowin, how goes it?" she asked, growing some flowers out of a flowerbed next to her. "I brought flowers, not sure if you need them, but I say, I can't help it."
Begowin couldn't help but blush. This wasn't something he did very often - he was usually as cold and stoic as they came - but Fern had managed it.

"My, they're beautiful :$ !" he remarked, as he placed the flowers in a spare flask in the corner of his classroom. "This is very accomplished magic for a child, you know :) !"